ToS;DR strives to be an all-inclusive community for all ages, ethnicities and genders. To achieve this goal, some ground rules have to be set.

This page is divided in 2 parts: The requirements and the suggestions.

(Not following them will result in a warning or, if severe, an immediate ban. If you have been hit with a ban, you can appeal it by clicking what you were banned for. Instructions will appear. Where there is no link, there is no appealing. It is permanent.)

  1. Treat others with respect.
    You should always treat others as humans, regardless of who they are/what they support.

  2. Respect other people's opinions.
    Sometimes people might have different opinions than you. You can and definitely should point out if they are being extreme about it.

  3. Do not push your narrative.
    As stated above, your opinion is accepted in our communities, however, if you are making other people feel bad and/or are pushing the opinion down other people's throats, you will be penalized.

  4. Anything that is illegal in your country, is illegal here.
    This is self-explanatory. Do not do anything illegal in any ToS;DR community. Severe violations will be reported to authorities.

  5. Spam is not okay.
    Do not spam our chats. A lot of messages are okay if it is essential to the topic, but, for example, repeating the same message 10 times is never okay.

  6. Do not DM others without permission.
    This goes for normal users only. You can always DM moderators/Team Members if

    1. they are online.

    2. are not marked as “Do not Disturb”.

  7. Hate-speech.
    Keep opinions to yourself that involve minorities. We do not want to hear it.

  8. Do not impersonate anyone.
    Even as a joke, it can still be harmful.

(Not following them may escalate a chat into a bad place where people are uncomfortable or cause a discussion to escalate resulting in violation of Requirements)

  1. Do not Text when you had a really bad day.
    We get it, sometimes you had a really bad day, and you feel agitated. But in this state, you may appear to be angry, causing discomfort in chats.

  2. Always be open for new opinions.

  3. Be nice 🙂


These are the steps for appealing a ban that might have happened.

  • Banned for mistreatment, not respecting other people’s opinions.

    • You will get unbanned if you send an apology to the person/people involved in the conversation that you might have harmed or have made uncomfortable. An unban is not guaranteed if Moderators/Admins deem your apology as insincere or if you are a repeat offender.

  • Banned for DMing other people.

    • You will get unbanned if you apologize to the person you have DMed and telling us what you will do different in the future.

  • Spam

    • If you were a bot, you are not reading this, but this case won’t ever get unbanned.

    • If you were a person and you spammed a message a little too much, a simple “sorry it won’t happen again” is enough 😁