A bug report means something is broken, preventing normal use of http://tosdr.org or api.tosdr.org

How to report a bug for the CrispCMS

  1. Make sure the bug isn’t already resolved. Search for similar issues in Jira.

  2. Make sure you can reproduce your problem on the staging environment at staging.tosdr.org or api.staging.tosdr.org

  • If possible, submit a Pull Request with a failing test, or;

  • if you'd rather take matters into your own hands, try fix the bug yourself
    (you need to read up on the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct for these last two.).

  1. Make a report of everything you know about the bug so far by opening a ticket in Jira. Make sure to include reproducible steps.

When the bug is fixed, you can usually expect to see an update posted on the reporting topic.