In this guide we explain how to install the Browser Extension on your Android device.

While the Browser Extensions work on an Android device, we do NOT support it. We currently do not have any plans on officially releasing an android version and bug reports regarding Android are invalid.

See the BE-2 Issue:

EpicBE-2 - Experimental (un)support for Android Open


  1. Create a collection on AMO

    1. When you are creating your collection, you will see a number in the Custom URL field. This number is your user ID. You will need the collection name and user ID to configure Nightly in the following steps.

      Once your collection has been created, you can add extensions to it. Note that you will only be able to add extensions that are listed on AMO.

  2. Enable general extension support setting in Nightly. You will need to make a one-time change to Nightly’s advanced settings to enable general extension installation.

    1. Step 1: Tap on the three dot menu and select Settings.

    2. Step 2: Tap on About Firefox Nightly.

    3. Step 3. Tap the Firefox Nightly logo five times until the “Debug menu enabled” notification appears.

    4. Step 4: Navigate back to Settings. You will now see a new entry for “Custom Add-on collection.” Once a custom add-on collection has been set up, this menu item will always be visible.

    5. Step 5: Configure your custom add-on collection. Use the collection name and your user ID from AMO for the Collection Owner (User ID)  and Collection name fields, respectively.

      After you tap “OK,” the application will close and restart

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As of May 2021 only Firefox Nightly is supported!