👋 Welcome to Terms of Service; Didn’t Read!

“I have read and agree to the Terms” is the biggest lie on the web. We aim to fix that.

📖 History

The rough idea behind ToS;DR emerged during the 2011 Chaos Communication Camp near Berlin, with people from Unhosted a movement to create web apps that give users control over their valuable user data and privacy. In the summer of 2012, Hugo Roy (@hugoroyd) started the legal analysis and brought the project to life. Since then, more people have joined the team and have contributed through the reviewer community. Ultimately, all the work is transparent and the discussions happen in public. Our work is funded by non-profits organisations and individual donations and gets released as free software and open data.


  • Free Software

  • Open Source Data

  • Transparent Work

🎯 Goals

help fix the “biggest lie on the web”

ℹ General information

To access the majority of our tools you need a StaffID Account, used to login here.

https://admin.tosdr.org/ - ToS;DR Admin Server used to manage Spam and Users

https://team.tosdr.org/ - Internal Forum, see Code of Conduct

https://sentry.tosdr.org/ - ToS;DR Sentry Error Reporting

🤝 Code of conduct

Internal Discussions should take place on the Internal Forum or our Signal Group

🛡 Policies and procedures

Drafts / Internal Issues

Drafts or Internal Issues are generally not for the public to see as they are WIP documents or security vulnerabilities. Once drafts are ready, we can release them to the Public, same applies to Security Vulnerabilities once patched.